The Failed Execution

7th of Watertine, Fire-day 225 AF The party gathered for the execution of Urgek Beast-Brother, a half orc that had been terrorizing the countryside for some time now. As Urgek was lead through the streets a strange rune was seen briefly under the cart and Urgek managed to escape. The party managed to fight the strange creatures he summoned and gave chase down the alleys after he fled. They cornered him in the Noble district of Central and defeated him there.

In the aftermath the party was approached by Shadowban the gnome, who after watching them in combat, mentioned he might have work for them. He directed them towards his office at the military camp at the base of Mount Cephalos.

Locations Visited
  • Central Streets
  • Central Noble District
People Encountered
  • Urgek Beast-Brother the Half Orc
  • Shadowban the Gnome
Enemies Encountered
  • Chaos Beasts
  • Chaos Brutes



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