The journey north

Off into the wilderness!

7-18 of Watertine, 225AF Everyone met with Shadowban the gnome and he mentioned that he had some “official” work that needed doing. He advised the party that in order to gain discounts on certain adventuring supplies, forming a mercenary group and joining the fighters guild would help them out.

The party forms the mercenary group known as the Ring Trotters and began their journy north through the Arcoscephale countryside. Joining up with a caravan headed to Ulm, the party helped them fend off bandit attacks on their way to Stillwater Station.

After parting ways with the caravan, the party headed east where they stumbled into a lizardman camp. After a fierce combat with Reisick and Sirrush Greenscale coming close to death, the party managed to kill off the lizards.

Locations Visited
  • Stillwater Station
  • Central
People Encountered
  • Shadowban the Gnome
Enemies Encountered
  • Poisonscale Magus
  • Poisonscale Slitherer
  • Poisonscale Savage



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