Arcoscephale is by far the largest of the world’s nations, who’s expansion has been limited only by internal strife. Arcoscephale is located directly in the middle of the world pillar (The large continent that stretches from one side of the ring to the other). Arcoscephale also contains the largest city in the world Central, Which spans the entire continent. Arcoscephale is ruled by the pretender Z’aun The Colossus


After the fall of the Pantokrator, two very large golems fought for control of the left behind capitol. Z’aun the marble and Ve’shaun the obsidian fought until the very earth rumbled beneath their blows. The battle was fierce and lasted for nearly two years and culminated with Z’aun casting Ve’shaun down from the peak of Mount Cephalos. For many years after this chaos reigned throughout the land. Until finally, nearly fifteen years after he defeated Ve’shaun, Z’aun declared himself ruler and began the expansion of his new empire Arcoscephale.

Around 32 AF
The construction of Central (So named because it was to be the center of the new world) began. It was a massive undertaking, the entire praject taken nearly a century to complete. The sheer cost of resources was unthinkable at that time, but it’s completion would see a golden age for Arcoscephale.

Around 100 AF
Construction of Central completed

Around 175 AF
Unfortunately this era of peace was not to last though, a band of cultist that had settled into the massive sewers of Arcoscephale began kidnapping and controlling the populous. The citizens that where kidnapped began reappearing in the city and attacking the general populous. Several diseases started to ravage the city around the same time. The next few years became known as the plague cult years as Z’aun and his army waged an internal war against the strange hooded cultist and their dominated subjects. Many lives were lost but eventually Z’aun prevailed and wiped the cult out.

Around 183 AF
As the nation recovered Z’aun decided that a ruling council was needed to help manage the massive country that Arcoscephale had become. With the constant expanding borders, city needs, and growing populous, it was decided that the land be divided up into provinces, and governors appointed.

Around 190 AF
The nation’s borders by this time began to encroach into the Swamps of Sithis in the north, and into the hills and forests of Marverni to the south. Z’aun found himself bogged down once again with the day to day decisions of a growing nation. He decided that the border cities focus more on defense and decreed they become city fortresses, and to help with the city’s daily needs instituded a City Council.

192-196 AF
This point in Arcoscephale history denotes a big change from the spreading conquering nation, into a more diplomatic, trade focused empire. In just a few short years; contact, trade agreements, and diplomats are established. These actions increased not only Arcoscephale’s coffers, but the nation’s culture as well. Marverni, Ulm, T’ien Ch’i, and even some Vanheim cities are counted among Arcoscephale’s associates, if not allies.

Modern Arcoscephale

Today Arcoscephale stands as a shining beacon to the world. Z’aun hasn’t forgotten his desire to be the next Pantokrator though, recently many border disputes have led to a large standing border army. Some might say too large for just defense. Coupled with rumors that the plague cult has risen again, Arcoscephale stands at a tenuous peace.
h2. Climate and Geography

The climate in Arcoscephale ranges from humid to temperate, with the temperature shifting to colder ranges in the border cities in the north and south. For the most part Arcoscephale is a warm nation and very humid in the capital to cool and rainy in the south, and cool and dry in the north.


Leadership Z’aun is the absolute ruler of the Arcoscephale nation, the only other beings that speak with his authority are the City Council

Economy The money flows in and out of Arcoscephale. Heavily armed caravans pour through Arcoscephale twice monthly, and coincides with celebrations and sales days. In the seas
treasure galleys sail the high seas carrying the glory of Arcoscephale to distant lands.

Society Life in Arcoscephale is as varied as its people. In the border cities life is a constant wait with baited breath for attacks from the wilderness. In the farmlands surrounding Central life is peaceful and filled with hard work. In Central itself life is an everyday bustle from place to place.

Warfare Arcoscephale’s army is yet another example of its diversity. Mercenaries astride huge warbeast flanked by myrmidons charge into battle. Icarid warriors with goblin tech wings swoop in from the skies beside wind lords astride pegasi. Even gladiators have a chance at becoming heroes and serving in battle…

Language Every concievable language is spoken in Arcoscephale, from common to giant. Even some primordial.


The temple atop Mt. Cephalos can be seen for a hundred miles in any direction and people usually motion towards it when blessing, cursing, or seeking divine providence. Though Z’aun is tolerant of other cultures, the worship of other gods is strictly forbidden in the Nation limits.

Adventuring in Arcoscephale

Adventurures will always find fast work in Central or any of the cities along the Colossus Road, hiring out as caravan guards, fighting in border disputes, or even settling differences between provinces. If a life in the military is what you crave, the city guard is always lookin for fresh bodies recruits.

Important Locations

A couple of the more interesting locales in Arcoscephale:

Mt. Cephalos- The mountaintop temple and the residing place of Z’aun The Colossus, this massive temple is said to be merely the top of a massive system of caverns.

The Contested Lands- A province riddled with small scale skirmishes. This is also the largest source of skystone in Arcoscephale. It is a place filled with mercenaries willing to brave the skystone fields for the right price.

Dragon Coast- If your looking for a harbor to unload any “Unsavory” items that might get you in trouble in other places, the Dragon Coast is the place to do it. It is a province filled with hidden caches, rowdy ports, and even pirates.


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