North of Arcoscephale the land begins to descend into bogs and mires. Stillwater Station is the last bastion of civilisation before you enter the swamps of sithis. The lizardmen of C’tis worship the great horned wurm Tiamat


When we skinks first meet with squishy-man things it was with spear and arrow. Many battles fought on the edge of homelands and many squishies fell to our poisons. Soon they come with flying squishies and big scary animals, and we skinks run to the deep swamps. Those scary animals no good in the muck, and big dumb animals have to run away. Now we wait, we awakened old magics and many slanns come to help. Soon great snake god help us squish man things!

Pre-fall until Fall of Pantokrator -C’tis has always been reclusive and chaffed under the rule of the Pantokrator. Due to the cowardly nature of the skinks however, no attempts to attack or free themselves where ever made. Once the Pantokrator fell C’tis became bolder and began to form raids against Ulm to the north and Arcoscephale to the south.

Around 100 AF -It is unclear exactly the time it happened, but sometime in this year the high priests of C’tis succeeded in contacting a great wurm and bargained it for aid. Since then the Magics of the lizardmen have become more powerful, the poisons more potent, and several new types of lizards have made an appearance.

Modern Day -Today C’tis has become reclusive once again. Border raids are infrequent, however they have lost none of their magic and poison potency. Smugglers and other thieves have begun trading with C’tis, exchanging exotic meat and spices in exchange for poisons, rare herbs, and even arcane knowledge.

Climate and Geography

The weather in C’tis is hot, humid, and bothersome for the most part. From Stillwater Station in the south to the foothills of the Barrier Mountains to the north, the land is a perpetual bog as far as the eye can see. Over the mountains however, the climate and geography change dramatically, going from bog and marsh to flat desert wastelands. Strange structures rise out of the sand here.


Leadership The great wurm oversees all, but directly under him are the bloated and grotesque slaan mages. They interperet the will of the great wurm and order the lizard warriors around. At the bottom of the social ladder are the skinks. These poor creatures are used for everything from target practice, to shock troops.

Economy C’tis has very little desire to trade with the outside world, however there are those that know the value of good trade. A large variety of poisons can be found in the swamp, and these are traded for weapons, exotic foodstuffs, and slaves.

Society Life is hard for everyone in the swamp. Every day is a constant struggle for survival avoiding pitfalls, local inhabitants, and the ire of the slaans. The lizard warriors at least enjoy disciplin and the protection of numbers. The slaan’s power give them great luxury over the others.

Warfare C’tis relies on numbers, stealth, and poison to overwhelm the enemy. The slaan mages stay far back behind the main force and cast devestating spells. Some of the skinks have taken to riding strange warbeast into battle.

Language Most “scales” can speak some form of broken common, but they communicate to each other by speaking a language known as “Rashka”. It is believed that the slaans can comunicate with primordials but it isnt known.


It is unknown how the “scales” worship their great wurm, but it is widely believed that ritual sacrifices of slaves are involved.

Adventuring in C’tis

It is unwise to venture far into the swamps without some kind of armed guard. Adventurers can find many things to do as most border cities pay handsomely for “scale” teeth, skin, tails, etc. There is also a need to protect traders that are headed for Ulm lands as they have to circumvent the swamp fairly closely. The mapmakers guild is also paying quite handsomely for any maps that detail the deeper sections of the swamp.

Important Locations

Some interesting places to see in C’tis

Tomb City In a valley to the north where swamp meets desert, thousands of elaborate crypts line the valley walls. It is here where the “scales” lay their honored dead to rest.

Poisoners Tower No one has gotten close to this glowing green tower to see what it actually is for, but those who have seen it from a distance say it spouts green gouts of smoke constantly into the surrounding swampland.

The Mire The darkest deadliest part of the swamp lies to the northwest of the C’tis temple city. The creatures here have grown far beyond the norm and have developed strange mutations including; spikes, fangs, and hard leathery skin.


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