It is unknown when the dead armies of Ermor first began their march on the nation’s of the living, but there has been a steady stream for some time now. A blasted wasteland filled with ash and suffering…


A short time after the fall of the Pantokrator a small army of undead marched forth from the wasteland and laid seige to T’ien Ch’i. If not for the entire nation banding together it would have been disaster. Still, many cities were burned and many people slain by the marching horde. For many decades, the armies of T’ien Ch’i and Ermor clashed while the people of T’ien Ch’i worked on a massive wall. When the wall was completed the attacks of Ermor slowed to just small strike forces.

Modern Ermor

Unfortunately, not much is known about the history of Ermor to this point. His followers pop up here and there, cause some destruction, and then fade away.

The climate in Ermor is probably the worst climate on the material plane. What would normally be a desert with some life is instead an ash covered flat plain with no life at all.


Leadership Iotroxus is the undisputed master of Ermor. The few living creatures are kept as slaves or worse.

Economy Anything that is needed in Ermor is either stolen or ransomed for.

Society None living

Warfare Preferring ambush tactics and surprise attacks to open warfare. You will rarely see undead before they attack.

Language The few times Iatroxis’ minions have been in the parleying mood, common was the language of choice.


All hail to Iatroxis!

Adventuring in Ermor

One word of advice for adventuring in Ermor… dont.

Important Locations

A couple of the more interesting locales in Ermor:

The Reliquary- The Epicenter of the undead infestation. The residence of Iatroxis.

The Ashen Wastes- The vast stretch of land reaching from The Reliquary to the outskirts of the Ermor nation.

The Dead Forest- When Ermor decided to invade Pangea the undead army laid waste to hundreds of acres of forest. It has stayed the same, withered and grey, since the day it happened.


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