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Arcoscephale – A greek based nation, the largest nation in the known world.

C’tis – A swamp based race of lizardmen.

Ulm – A barbarian nation based in the northern mountains and plains of the World Pillar.

Marverni – A druidic nation that has a strong connection to the earth.

Mictlan – An aztec style nation of natives that belive in blood sacrifice.

Pangea – Fey creatures and their woodland ilk

Ermor – Undead nation filled with abominations

T’ien Ch’i – China based nation that prides itself in martial arts and knowledge.

Agartha – A secretive race of Cyclopian Giants

Caelum – A floating island filled with winged humanoids.

Tir na n’Og – A chain of islands filled with animal human hybrids.

Yomi – Japanese based nation of humans ruled by oni.

Abyssia – A nation of goblin inventors

Lanka – The infernal stomping ground of demons.

Sauromatia – Nation of amazons that pride themselves in beast taming.

Helheim – A glacial expanse stalked by Fenris the wolf

Kailasa – A nation of apes ruled by naga.

Vanheim – A European based nation of Sailors and Knights

Niefelheim – A race of Giants based in a frozen tundra.


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