T'ien Ch'i

A nation’s treasure lies within it scholars

T’ien Ch’i is a nation that has a thirst for books, from collecting bards tales from every corner of the world, to seeking out forgotten libraries T’ien Ch’i prides itself on its vast knowledge. The enigmatic woman Magdela holds a strange relationship with a sentient school of koi, and with formidable knowledge guides the Nation towards its destiny.


T’ien Ch’i throughout history has always tried to remain neutral to the world’s conflicts, even going so far as to build an enormous wall that seals off T’ien Ch’i from the rest of the landmass. This construction turned out to be fortunate as it helped defend the nation from the ravenous hordes of undead that swarmed out of the surrounding nation of Ermor.

T’ien Ch’i was the center of knowledge and arcane research before the fall of the Pantokrator, with its scholars and wizards working day and night on increasingly advanced spells. Things continued far better than expected thanks to a personal hand from the Pantokrator and it seemed nothing could stop them. Around the time the Pantokrator fell, a young wizard named Cho’tun Lang had discovered a spell that would create an area of harmony and contentment. Unfortunately, during the casting, the spell went haywire and most of the plateau on which T’ien Ch’i capitol stood was destroyed as this spell rent the earth.

Around 1 AF
The first survivors of what came to be called The Rending crawled out of the remains of the capitol and found themselves stranded on pillars of city surrounded by lapping ocean waves. Hundreds of these city pillars are standing throughout a rift in the earth left by The Rending.

Around 45 AF
Long suspension bridges now connect to the city pillars now known as the Dragon’s teeth. Many have been found to contain the feral remains of the city’s population. Also at this time a massive sighting of undead thew themselves at the great wall. Thousands died as entire cities were caught unaware. The cities living inside the wall banded together and managed to fight the undead to a standstill. It would have been defeat if not for the sudden appearance of a redheaded woman surrounded by koi in a giant bubble of water. With her help the undead were forced back into Ermor

Around 50 AF
Magdela along with her extensive knowledge of magic has made her the ruler of T’ien Ch’i and many people begin to worship her.

Around 100 AF
T’ien Ch’i has almost rebuilt to its former glory. The Wall Watch has been formed, an entire army dedicated to guarding and patrolling the cities inside the great wall.

Around 150 AF
Around this time Magdela shifted the focus of the nation from competing with other Gods to self improvement. During this time T’ien Ch’i scholars began to travel the world and collect all information they could find.

Modern T’ien Ch’i
T’ien Ch’i today is a place of beauty and seclusion. The great libraries store all the stories and writings the traveling scholars bring back. Yet few are allowed entry through the great wall, and fewer still are allowed a glimpse at these great stores of knowledge.

Climate and Geography

The climate of T’ien Ch’i is divided into three seperate sections. In the southern desert the air is dry and pulls moisture from you’re body, as you travel north the dunes give way to grassy hills and wide sweeping plains, and finally the elevation continues to rise as you head farther north until you reach the plateaus and mountains of the far north.


Tactictians and advisors rise to positions of leadership due to how much knowledge is respected in T’ien Ch’i. The one exception being the Wall Watch where combat is a skill needed daily.

T’ien Ch’i possesses some of the most skilled painters and artisians in the world. Trade junks loaded with fine art are a staple of the cash flow in T’ien Ch’i.

For most of T’ien Ch’i life is easy and the days are filled with reading and practicing the arts. Magical research is encouraged, but only in designated areas and under a strict watchful eye. The great wall cities are again, very different, life is about keeping a constant vigil against the ravenous undead hordes.

Martial artist are a formidable sight on the battlefield, seemingly able to flow past opponents or disarm them with ease. Honor also plays a large role in the formation of groups and battlefield deployment.

Most residents of T’ien Ch’i speak common and the native language T’ien Ch’i ,however many of the scholars and philosophers speak many languages, especially primordial.


The residents of T’ien Ch’i believe that every item no matter how insignificant has a spirit or soul that must be respected. Where as Magdela is the God of the nation, countless shrines are erected everywhere, dedicated to various spirits and souls.

Adventuring in T’ien Ch’i

The path of the warrior is highly valued in T’ien Ch’i, and as such adventurers are prized commodities. The highest paying jobs are the exploration and extermination journeys into the Dragon’s Teeth. Serving on the wall, even if only for a season, grants great respect to the adventurer.

Important Locations

White Lotus Castle
The capitol of T’ien Ch’i rests atop a giant plateau north of the desert. This is also the resting place of the goddess Magdela.

Dragon’s Teeth
The ruins of the former capitol, now little more than jagged outcroppings amidst the sea. Many a level remains unexplored since The Rending

The great Wall
Stretching before the desert, the great wall stands like a… well a wall, as the inhabitants drive the tireless undead back on a daily basis.

T'ien Ch'i

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